“Lucence” Acrylic Paintings

“Lucence” is a title I chose because it conveys the Light that comes through the many Layers of acrylic paint I apply.  The thin layers play upon each other to develop depth within the painting that I seek.

I enjoy how different people “see” different things within the same abstract painting, like clouds in the sky.  This quote says it best for me:

“The artist gazes upon a reality and creates his own impression. 

The viewer gazes upon the impression and creates his own reality.”   Robert Brault

That is my goal, to give the viewer a hint of a form or hillside or vineyard or sea, but allow them to fill in the blanks,

drawing them in to participate in my work.


These ORIGINAL Acrylics are painted with a very loose and watery technique, much like watercolor paintings.

The material I primarily paint on is best described as a manmade “fabric”.   It is the same material I make my Jewelry Beads from, utilizing the addition of heat to add more texture and form.  I sometimes use this technique in my wall art also.  There are subtle textures in these pieces (especially when gels and other additives were used), adding to their interest.

I also paint on canvas, which has a more traditional appearance.

All paintings are stretched onto traditional wooden stretcher bars and are ready to hang or place in a frame of your choice.


“Waving Wheat” 14 x 24   $300



“Smoke”  14 x 24  $300



“Sherbet Sky” 14 x 24  $300



“Molten Bronze” 16 x 25  $300



“Intersections” 14 x 24  $300



“Flow” 12 x 26  $300



“Bubbles” 16 x 25 $300


“Spring Tides”  16 x 25  $300





“Islands in the Fog III”  11 x 14  $100


“Emerald Skies”  15 x 30  $325