Mixed Media Wall Art

                (close up)

“Water From the Rock” 14 x 24    $400

I crave Color and Texture, and find that I have always been drawn to images that are somewhat abstract, whether with

Photography (my first love), Textile Arts or Paintings.  I have found that Mixed Media is even more fun than simply creating a

two-dimensional piece, and am enjoying exploring this area very much.


“Torn Textiles”  11 x 14   $150



“Rooted” 14 x 24    $400


I love LOOSE images that occur outside of my control when I mingle different colors, liquids, gels and finishes of the paints.  Sometimes I use metallic or pearlescent bases but other times prefer a simple matte look to the project.   I typically paint on non-woven synthetic material that beautifully maintains translucency while accepting watercolor techniques with acrylic paints, but do work on canvas as well.  At times I use heat to distress the work, creating more texture and an organic feel.  This technique displays how trials can bring out beauty that would be impossible without them.  Believing in a Sovereign God has freed me to approach my artwork with lightness and joy, as I seek to honor Him above all.


                   (close up)

“Melt” 18 x 24   $400