2015 March

Latest Design

This latest creation using Madrona bark is one of my favorites….Starting in May, come out to Roche Harbor, San Juan Island and see all of these unique pendants…


Creations Unveiled

After months of developing our process we are finally ready to unveil our latest jewelry made from the delicate Madrona tree bark of the Pacific Northwest and the San Juan Islands…..Hope you enjoy…contact us for purchasing information.


Creating Peeling Bark Designs

Peeling Bark Designs

I remember the first time my husband and I visited San Juan Island from Kansas. So much beauty astounded us, but nothing more than the majestic Madrona trees that graced the shoreline. The colors, the textures and the variety of the Peeling Bark Designs simply amazed us.

Soon after that trip we were blessed to move to the island, and now we enjoy several Madronas in our yard. After years of building our photography business Michael Bertrand Photography, it was time to “branch out”.

We have taken one of our first loves of the island and carefully crafted it into one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry. We love sorting through the unique pieces of bark that “shed” off our trees, and visualizing how we can work them into jewelry. We have developed a 10 step process that gives the very fragile bark enough strength to craft into a pendant or earring that lasts. We use rustic findings and materials to compliment the Peeling Bark for organic art jewelry that you are certain to never see again.

Now you can take the beauty of real Madrona trees home (no matter where you live), and share their beauty with all who notice your unique jewelry… and you can be sure they will get noticed!
***Please note our Peeling Bark Designs are still fragile and must be lovingly cared for in order to preserve them for years to come. Please do not test their strength by allowing them to be bent, as they may crack or break. This damage cannot be repaired and because they are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art, they also cannot be replaced. Store and wear these unique designs with care.

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Peeling Bark Designs
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